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Transform Yourself, Transform the World:

Young Oneness Leader Training

28 Days of Transformation: Your Journey to Being a Changemaker

Unleash Your Potential, Shape Your Destiny

May 1 to May 28 – 2024








Embark on a life-changing 28-day adventure with Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji. This isn’t just a training; it’s a transformational experience that will redefine your understanding of yourself and the world.

What You’ll Discover:

Deep Strength and Responsibility: Learn to navigate life’s storms with courage and resilience.

Heartfelt Compassion: Act with a sense of purpose that uplifts our planet and its people.

True Inner Power: Recognize that your greatest strength lies within your own state of being.

Living in Harmony: Align yourself with the universe and watch challenges diminish in intensity.

A Vision Beyond Suffering: Choose to experience life from a place of enlightenment and joy.

Few Engaging Topics:

  • ā ā Understanding the ‘5 Yuktis’ for personal growth
  • ā Overcoming Boredom to unlock creativity
  • ā ā Balancing Emotions: From Hurt to Gratitude
  • ā The Art of Focused Attention in a busy world
  • ā Leading from the Heart: Empathy in action
  • ā Devotion: Deepening your spiritual journey
  • ā Envisioning a Life of Purpose
  • ā Satkarma: Living a life of righteous actions
  • ā Embracing Sustainability for a better future
  • ā Immersive Village Experience: Learning from tradition

Join Us in This Extraordinary Journey
Step into Your Role as a Young oneness leader


Ananda campus
Ubbalamadugu Waterfalls road,
Thalarivettu post,
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