(June 15th- 21st 2023)








Get ready to awaken your body bliss and unleash your chakra power with the 7-day Oneness Yoga Challenge, brought to you by Sri Preethaji! This year, we invite all aspiring yogis to join us on a transformative journey, blending ancient Himalayan Yogic traditions with Sri Preethaji’s own mystic revelations.

🔮 A Mystic Movement of the Body 🔮

As you stretch, hold, relax, chant, focus, and breathe throughout each day of the challenge, you’ll manifest energies of stability, delight, courage, love, flow, awareness, and oneness. Through graceful postures, mantra chanting, yantra visualizations, and rhythmic breathwork, you’ll dance through the yogic movements and awaken your body bliss. Life will become a celebration, feeling youthful and vibrant.

🌏 Join Yogis & Yoginis from Around the World 🌏

Rise to the challenge and connect with like-minded individuals from every corner of the globe. Together, we’ll unlock our inner power and discover the life-changing benefits of the Oneness Yoga Challenge:

Day 1 – Mystic Yoga of Stability – Strengthen your muscles and mindset.
Day 2 – Mystic Yoga of Vitality – Boost your energy on and off the mat.
Day 3 – Mystic Yoga of Relaxation – Release stress and find tranquility.
Day 4 – Mystic Yoga of Love – Nurture love for your body and all living beings.
Day 5 – Mystic Yoga of Flow – Harmonize with the energy currents in your body and life.
Day 6 – Mystic Yoga of Witness – Cultivate awareness in movement and meditation.
Day 7 – Mystic Yoga of Oneness – Unite your body and consciousness for holistic wellbeing.

🤝 Create Your Own Oneness Yoga Mob 🤝

As the challenge culminates on June 21st, The International Day of Yoga, we encourage you to form Oneness Yoga Mobs in your local community. Experience the collective rush of energy and surge of oneness as we celebrate our global connection through yoga.

💫 Embrace the Journey 💫

The Oneness Yoga Challenge is a universal path to health, bliss, and oneness, welcoming individuals of all ages, religions, and cultural backgrounds. Join us, and embark on this incredible adventure with your family, friends, colleagues, or solo from the comfort of your home..

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to awaken your body bliss and tap into the power of your chakras. Reserve your spot for the 2023 Oneness Yoga Challenge with Sri Preethaji now!

Volunteer With Us!

On the International day of yoga

Do you wish to help others experience the joys of life?

Do you wish to be more present in life?

Do you wish to have fun and purpose Flow together?

We would like to invite you to join us in a joyful volunteering opportunity which will be a unique journey towards inner and outer fitness through the practice of yoga.

OYoga Volunteering

Through our volunteer-led sessions, we aim to create a friendly and welcoming environment where everyone can explore the benefits of Oneness yoga, reconnect with themselves and connect with a community of like-minded individuals.

Got no experience in Yoga?

Never mind! You can begin with us now. All you need is a passionate fire and a fun mindset to live from a calm space yourself and help others taste its sweetness.

As an OYoga volunteer, you will have the opportunity to create a community and impact lives by reaching out to as many individuals as possible.

Who can be an OYoga Volunteer?

If you are passionate and find joy in contributing to society’s wellbeing

If you are a connector, someone who has access to:

 – A small group of people (friends, family, neighbours, etc.)

 – A large group (workplaces, organizations, NGOs, non-profits, etc.)

We welcome volunteers of all backgrounds, experiences, and skill levels.

Identify Yourself

An Organising Volunteer: Above the age of 30; Who can take OYC to organisations & institutions.

A Performing Volunteer: Below the age of 30; Who leads the challenge on the day of the event.

Both Organising & Performing Volunteer: Who invites organisations & also leads the challenge on the day of the event.

Your part

#Goal: Reach as many new communities as possible.

Involve your friends & family

Invite your college buddies, alumni, professors, departments

Include your neighbours and social groups/clubs

Take the OYC to your workspaces

Reach out to youth clubs

Partner with universities & organisations

Selected volunteers will be trained to lead the challenge. There will be regular training sessions on the vision of OYC and how to lead others into yoga asanas. As a token of appreciation for volunteering in OYC, you will receive a certificate from Ekam.

Timeline of volunteering

26th April – OYoga Volunteering training begins

15th June – OYC begins

21st June – OYC ends

If you are looking for a fruitful volunteering opportunity where you can make a difference, we welcome you to join us and be a part of our community.