with Sri Preethaji

Awaken to the mystic realm of one consciousness

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Why do some people achieve what they set out to, find love, grow in careers that are fulfilling while some people live fighting obstacles, longing for love, and struggling to achieve?

In our observation, it is not so much lack of resources or lack of opportunities. The real problem is not one of the circumstances; the root of the problem is in consciousness.

Enter the Mystic Secrets of Soul Sync to find your answers.

Meet Your Teacher

“For every day spent in suffering is a wasted day, and every day lived in a beautiful state is life truly lived.”

Sri Preethaji, along with her husband Sri Krishnaji is the co-creator of Ekam – a Movement for transforming human consciousness with millions of followers worldwide.

Sri Preethaji is a rare enlightened sage who impacts her students not only through her wisdom but through the power of her consciousness. As the co- Founder of Ekam, Sri Preethaji has created numerous courses, processes and retreats leading millions on profound journeys into awakening.

Learning from Sri Preethaji is a true blessing. It is awakening to a new consciousness for a new life

“I wish I had learned about living in a beautiful state earlier in my life as it is a transformational practice”


Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actor

What are the key features of Mystic Secrets of Soul Sync?

Mystic secrets of soul sync is a gift from Sri Preethaji to help you glimpse the magical even as you walk through the humdrum and challenges of the real world. It is  Sri Preethaji’s heartfelt passion for you to experience both worlds together – the mystical as well as the material, the transcendental as well as the mundane.

Lesson 1: Awaken the mystic:  Ignite the light of the mystic within you.

Lesson 2: Pranic breathing: – Use the power of breath to unlock stillness within.

Lesson 3: Two States of being: – Move from chaos to harmony.

Lesson 4: Discover your purpose – Let your destiny be clear to you.

Lesson 5: Manifest synchronicities – Access the universe with your heartfelt intentions.

Lesson 6: Live a fulfilled life – The path of love.