is a never before journey where your life enters a miracle zone. The revolutionary insights and transcendental journeys with Sri Preethaji will unfold great achievements, enduring love in relationships, and conscious wealth creation.

Bodhi focuses on the divine science of transformation and finding spiritual solutions in areas of life that matter the most.

In the Bodhi with Sri Preethaji, you can wipe the clear glass of your consciousness of all the dirt and become awake to life. You will wake up to unperturbed peace and flow with life.

  • Awakened self-love
  • Awakened Spousal relationships
  • Awakened Wealth creation
  • Awakened Parenting

Whether you are a young person or a seeker, a parent or a leader, single or a couple, this inner adventure will transform your life forever.

Sri Preethaji leads a life transforming 3-day spiritual immersion across India.
Taste immortal bliss and oneness.

MAY 12 TO MAY 14 – 2023



What happens to you during Bodhi?

Sri Preethaji brings about incredible awakenings in you during Bodhi, which will empower you to elevate your life out of intractable problems. The awakenings gifted by Sri Preethaji wakes you up to realize the true potential of your being and create an abundant life. Bodhi is not a strategy; it is a divine experience in your consciousness.

Sri Preethaji leads you into mystic processes that open you to transcendence. During your Bodhi experience, immersion in these mystic processes will wake you up from deep seated illusions and you will,

  • Dissolve hurtful past and awaken to the true meaning of love.
  • Dissolve obsessive doing and awaken to the joy of being.
  • Dissolve anxiety and awaken to the healing of relaxation.
  • Dissolve obstacles and awaken to the realm of miracles.
  • Dissolve negative patterns and awaken to the field of abundance.


Sri Preethaji is a mystic philosopher and a modern-day sage. She along with her husband Sri Krishnaji is the co-creator of Ekam Kshetra, a divine space for self-realization and God realization, with millions of followers worldwide. Sri Preethaji is world renowned as a spiritual leader revered for her powerful blessings, profound wisdom, deep processes and above all the mystic limitless field meditation. She offers her online and in-person courses in America, Brazil, Mexico, European nations, Australia, China, japan And South Korea. Millions in major cities of the world await to experience her deeply transformative spiritual journeys. She brings BODHI, a magnificent spiritual course for the time first time ever to India. BODHI is an awakening in the presence of the compassionate sage herself.

Leading a Life transforming 3-day Spiritual Immersion